Thanks Stan,

Here's a run down of things to come ...

I want to be able to create a set of abstract TestCases that can tell me things like the following :

   ... Manage bean "foo" in /WEB-INF/faces- config.xml is in session scope, but it does not implement Serialable
   ... EL expression #{projectBean.project.nam} will throw a MethodNotFoundError when /WEB-INF/pages/projectLister.xhtml is rendered because class does not have a property called "nam"
  ... Managed bean "bar" occurs twice in /WEB-INF/faces-config.xml
  ... Cyclical dependency found in for managed beans "foo" -> "bar" -> "bean" -> "foo"
  ... Tag class in /WEB-INF/tld/lib.tld has an attribute for "foo", but no setter for property foo
  ... PhaseListener in /WEB-INF/f-c.xml could not be found
  ... Managed bean in EL expression #{} on page /WEB-INF/home.xhtml does not exist

You get the point.  Anyways, thanks for inviting me and expect to see this happen, one weekend at a time :)  Now Julien, I agree w/ you on JSP - but Tomahawk is rocks my friend.

Dennis Byrne

On 9/17/07, Julien Viet <> wrote:
JSF Anti Pattern :

1/ don't use Tomahawk
2/ don't use JSPs

On 17 sept. 07, at 14:50, Stan Silvert wrote:

> I'd like to welcome our first non-JBoss comitter to the JSFUnit
> project.
> Dennis Byrne is from ThoughtWorks and brings to us several years
> experience as an active MyFaces comitter.  He'll be adding a new
> dimension to JSFUnit in the form of static analysis tools.
> I'll let Dennis elaborate on the details when he is ready, but
> basically, you will have some standard JUnit tests that let you
> know if your configuration is screwed up.  Or as he called it,
> "Strong typing for JSF templates".
> Also, if you are planning on attending ApacheCon in Atlanta, Dennis
> will be doing a talk on "JSF Anti-Patterns".
> Stan
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