I think it's always good to show that progress is being made. 

If the timing of a release is pegged to the htmlunit release cycle, then the amount of time in beta is already determined.  If that relationship is made explicit and the reasons for it are explained, I don't think a lot of people would complain. 

Worse than endless beta is the sense that not enough attention is being paid to a project.  I think that sense grows with the length of time between releases of any kind, especially for young projects.  Release early, release often, and whatnot.

- Jason 

On Fri, Jul 25, 2008 at 6:18 AM, Stan Silvert <ssilvert@redhat.com> wrote:
Now that HtmlUnit 2.2 has gone final it is possible for us to do another release.  The plan has been for a GA release of JSFUnit in late August or early September to coincide with the JSFOne conference.

We have three outstanding issues that won't be fixed until HtmlUnit 2.3.  So even if we fixed most of the outstanding JSFUnit jiras, I wouldn't feel comfortable saying that we can do a GA release any time soon.

However, I'm now thinking that maybe we should do a third beta release as soon as possible.  This will get more people using the new HtmlUnit-based stuff.

I hate for it to look like we're in endless beta though.

Any thoughts?

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