I'm very eager to take advantage of the configuration document ordering in JSF 2 because it will bring decidedly deterministic behavior when mixing JSF frameworks and libraries. However, I noticed something that compromises the usefulness of this feature when mixing with older JSF add-ons.

I expected the value of the id attribute on the <faces-config> element to be used as the name of the docuent. However, I was suprised to learn that there is a special <name> child element reserved for this purpose. While I don't oppose the <name> element, since it is more semantic, it requires for me to wait (hope and wish) for the add-ons to hurry up and upgrade to JSF 2 so that I can order my document around them. I would expect that if the <name> element is absent (either because it is a pre-JSF 2 descriptor or it just isn't specified) the name is taken from the id attribute on <faces-config>, if present. Is this reasonable? This is *very* important to address now as it won't even be an issue once the projects upgrade. This feature is needed now.


Dan Allen
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