Hmmm, that seems really bizarre. Perhaps this is a bug in Mojarra but some chance. Could you distill this down to a basic use case and see if Ryan et al can make it a test in Mojarra. If there is a problem with the API, then it will be more clearly revealed.

Frankly, for JSF 2.1, I would like to see us go to an XPath-like syntax (or jQuery) to find components because component IDs in JSF just plain suck.

Yup, I agree wholeheartedly, but we need to make it easy to do Ajax rendering across composite components for JSF 2.0. IMO, composite components are by far the single most kickass feature of JSF 2, and if they're crippled, we're gonna get some bad press.

No doubt. We definitely can't overlook the foreground problem here.


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