Followups from Ed.

NG> Hi there again Guys,
NG> Section 7.43 of the Spec has an example navigation-handler, which
NG> shows how to use the include-view-params feature:

NG> <redirect>
NG>    <view-param>
NG>      <name>userId</name><value>someValue</value>
NG>    </view-param>
NG>    <include-view-params>true</include-view-params>
NG> </redirect>

NG> However, using <include-view-params> as an XML element is invalid
NG> according to web-facesconfig_2_0.xsd

NG> But then, in section 7.4.2, the Spec talks about the "include-view-
NG> params" attribute on the <redirect /> element, like this:

NG> <redirect include-view-params="true" />

NG> The attribute syntax is what the XSD wants, and what Ryan's blog [1])
NG> claims as well.

I fixed the example to have tha attribute syntax.  Thanks.

NG> Having said that, if the attribute way is the right syntax, then I
NG> think there are two problems with it:

NG> 1. Although I prefer attribute-syntax for XML, the faces-config.xml
NG> file doesn't use XML attributes anywhere. Instead, it uses the verbose
NG> <element>#PCDATA</element> syntax. So having an attribute on
NG> <redirect /> is really inconsistent with the rest of the file.

NG> 2. it's really inconsistent and weird to have dashes-in-the-name-of-an-
NG> xml-attribute. For example, we use camelCase for actionListener:

Your points are well taken, but we did decide on this syntax.

NG>     <h:commandButton actionListener="#{myBean.actionListener}" />

NG> 3. The functionality/purpose of this include-view-parameters feature
NG> is really confusing. Does it mean:
NG>     A Include/exclude the f:viewParam stuff found in f:metaData of the
NG> from-view-id?
NG>     B. Include/exclude the <view-param> children of the <redirect> element?
NG>     C. Both A & B?

This is covered in the section 7.5.2 where we talk about getBookmarkableURL().


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