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How many frameworks actually use the id attribute in their faces-config.xml file? I don't remember seeing any.

It's not so much that they use it today, but they could simply add it and do a new release. The alternative is to upgrade to JSF 2, which is a much bigger step. The library may not even want to support JSF 2 (solely).

Ah, I see. And adding the <name> attribute would break the schema validation. So vendors will have to create a separate build to support JSF 2, which is annoying. However, they have to make a change either way -- it's just that one is more work than the other. To me, this seems like something we can handle in a maintenance release.

Excellent, except for the MR part. Perhaps the implementations can add it now so that us framework developers can start working with it and then the spec can follow. Ryan, can I send you a patch for Mojarra?


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