I sent a mail to Kin-Man that we can't pass parameters from the
framework to the method-expression. So, we can now do:


to call a method with signature:

public String action(String myparam) {}

but we can not do:


to call a method with signature:

public void valueChangeListener(ValueChangeEvent ev, String myparam) {}

only with signature:

public void valueChangeListener(String myparam) {}

so what we loose is the ValueChangeEvent, which was provided by the
JSF framework as a parameter to the invoke-call in the
Method-Expression instance (we will only receive the parsed

Beautifully stated. 

I already got mail by Kin-Man - he said this won't be included, we are too late.

I don't get it. Why are JSR-299 and JSR-330 allowed to change so drastically before Java EE 6, yet we need one small change in EL and it can't happen. This is crap. If we all agree this change would be valuable, I want to see it included. Whose arm do we have to twist?


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