Hi Team we are facing the below issue with logout.

i use login/logout restful service:

after login
i get tokenid say "t1" and refreshtokenid say "rt1"

1) We have registered a webservice as a keycloak client (example demo123) with access type as bearer.
2) When I call the logout rest service:

if (isPublic()) { // if client is public access type formparams.add(new BasicNameValuePair(OAuth2Constants.CLIENT_ID, "demo123")); } 

URI logoutUri = KeycloakUriBuilder.fromUri(getBaseUrl(request) + "/auth") .path(ServiceUrlConstants.TOKEN_SERVICE_LOGOUT_PATH) .build("RealmName");

the logout gives 204 for client's access type as open.

but when i again hit the service with the token id "t1" after logout.
Still i can get the response. Note this response doesnt hit keycloak.