- update-account - "First name" then "Last name" (not the other way around)
Ok, will update everywhere.

- oauth-grant - I assume that "g" icon is a Google Icon? Not sure what
that's doing there
I just copied this screen:
What is the "i" icon for?

The 'g' icon probably refers to the application asking for access to a Google resource. For now I think we can drop this, but in the future we could add icons to represents different groups of permissions (profile, data, social, etc.).

The 'i' is probably to get a more detailed description about the particular permission. Same again, for now I think we can drop this.
Ok, I removed these itens for now.

I also inverted the order Last Name/First Name to First Name/ Last Name everywhere. 

New pages implemented:

- Revoke Oauth Grant page: ejsclient-cardosogabriel.rhcloud.com/user-authorised-access.html
Click the link "EventJuggler"

- Social Account page: http://ejsclient-cardosogabriel.rhcloud.com/user-social-accounts.html
After trying to add a service (like Add Twitter), should we show a page/modal similar to the OAuth Grant page?

Stian, please let me know what is missing to complete this cycle.


Gabriel Cardoso
GateIn Portal | User Experience Designer