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Problem with a built-in JMS event listener provider is that it should send messages to an external JMS server. Keycloak itself should not act as a JMS server. Further, there's no standard way to connect to JMS providers, so best we could do is one that connects to WildFly/EAP and make it easy for users to extend it to connect to different providers (maybe an getDestination() method).

I understand that the configuration cannot (and should not) be enabled by default, but it would be great if it was enough for the user to just modify the Wildfly/Keycloak configuration instead of having to add modules, jars and whatever to the installation. Examples of the configuration can be provided separately.

User would at the very least be required to have a separate WildFly installation to use as a JMS server. We will not document how to make Keycloak (underlying WildFly) itself act as JMS server. However, I'm happy to include a provider that can connect to the external JMS server, allow extending to connect to other providers. Documentation only needs to cover how to configure it to connect to an external JMS server (on WildFly/EAP). It doesn't need to cover setup of the JMS server itself, but can link to relevant WildFly documentation.

Including the provider is what I meant. No need to document on how to do some external stuff. 

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