It looks that your user either doesn't have roles or your client doesn't have scope. Take a look at examples for more inspiration. For logging, you can enable DEBUG logging for category "org.keycloak" in standalone/configuration/standalone.xml


On 30/03/16 08:13, JAYAPRIYA ATHEESAN wrote:


Greetings of the day !!

I need an urgent help from your team.

I have an application deployed in wildfly server. The same has been secured with keycloak server(this runs of a different wildfly box).

The wildfly server has been configured with keycloak adapter.

When I invoke a page from the application deployed in wildfly server, the application , redirects to keycloak login page. After I click submit †entering user name and password, I get 403 forbidden error.

Is there a way to enable logs for keycloak adapter. Iím not getting any logs related to this error.

The issue is similar to the one addressed in

Please help me in resolving the same.

Below are the details of the server :

Wildfly 9.0.0CR2

Keycloak 1.6.0 Final


Jayapriya Atheesan

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