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On 8/4/2014 8:43 AM, Matthias Wessendorf wrote:
> Hello,
> as part of the UPS release we are improving our own 'user guide' for the
> UPS. Current status is visible here:
> http://staging.aerogear.org/docs/unifiedpush/ups_userguide/
> In this guide, there is a section that is called "Administration of the
> UnifiedPush Server", which should be explaining the Keycloak's Admin
> Console UI features (see [1]). The doc would contain a bunch of
> screenshots and little sentences to explain the reason of these
> different screens, similar to:
> http://staging.aerogear.org/docs/unifiedpush/ups_userguide/admin-ui/
> However, before starting too early on this document, I was wondering
> about a few things :-)
> * there is no such 'Console UI guide' from the Keycloak team, atm -
> right ? If so, that's totally fine and I am happy to create one for UPS.
> Hopefully some of its conent can be reused by the KC team. Would be cool
> if we can work on improving that document together

Our console guide is pretty much mixed in with our normal docs.  We
wouldn't have a separate guide I don't think.  There's really not much
of an API to document and it is all config files, and admin UI.  What we
need to do is add screen shots and stuff.

between our own Beta2 and 1.0.0.Final, I will get started on that "screenshot doc" for UPS.
Perhaps there is some content in, that could be (easily) reused by the KC team


> * are you guys planning significant changes to the Admin Console UI,
> after the beta4 has been released? I've seen some PRs around "UI
> federation" (I am not familiar w/ the details around that), but that
> seems to be done once we have the beta4 release available.

Federation stuff is already in  (last week).

Some UI changes that might come in:

* Scope pages for application/oauth client will have option to allow any
* I'm thinking of combining oauth client and application together.  need
to get feedback from Stian and Marek though before I do this.

Other than that, there will only be minor cosmetic changes.

sounds very good.



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