Hi Stian, thanks for the quick response!

I do agree the login happens at Realm level and that shouldn't and won't change.
However, in my case, the applications in that Realm are different.

I basically see the following options to workaround it:
  1. Create one theme with <#if> blocks for each application
    In this case I would need to change this template if a new application comes in or when something changes in any of the login pages (blocks).

  2. Dinamically load login pages from the theme page
    I ran this test and it worked just fine, but, I felt like I shouldn't be doing it this way... bad smell, you know? (:P)
    The theme login page loads a static login page of each application using the client_id variable. Then, places the contents on the current page and sets the necessary elements to Keycloak expected values (like form action, forgot password and register user links URLs, error messages, etc).
    For each new application, all I have to do is create the static resources in a /themes/${client_id} folder, with the correct element IDs and it does the trick.
    Of course there are some drawbacks, but it turns out that I have now 3 applications using this approach. I wish I could have per-application themes, rather.

  3. Convince my client to use the same login page for all applications
    This would be the standard approach, but, unfortunatelly, isn't an option for me.

Any thoughts on that?

Thanks in advance.


Marcio Fernandes de Lima
SCJP, SCWCD, MySQL Core Certified

On 08/05/2015 02:14, Stian Thorgersen wrote:
When a user logs in the user logs in to the realm, not the application. So it doesn't make sense to have different login pages per application.

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Hello guys!

I'm trying to implement Keycloak in my solution, but it turns out that I
need to have a completely different login page per application in the
same Realm. Keycloak allows me to create themes, but only at Realm
level, not at Application level.

How would you guys suggest me approaching this? Any plans to develop
such a feature or ways to work around it?

Thanks in advance!


Marcio Fernandes de Lima
SCJP, SCWCD, MySQL Core Certified

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