Ok. I guess you guys can implement them in two lines. I'll keep my design like this for we to remember in the future :)

Regarding the placeholder, can't we keep it in situations like in the password field, that says "At least 6 characters"? New browsers would read it and we would avoid some error messages.


On Sep 24, 2013, at 5:31 AM, Stian Thorgersen wrote:

Looks great :)

I think it would be simpler to have first and last names on separate lines as we shouldn't use placeholder/javascript:

First name:    [         ]
Last name:     [         ]

In future we could make it more fancy by adding some javascript support (through progressive enhancement), but for now let's keep it as simple as possible to support old-browsers + non-javascript.

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I've just refined / implemented the following screens:

- http://ejsclient-cardosogabriel.rhcloud.com/saas-register.html /
Splited the field "Name" into "First Name" and "Last Name"

- http://ejsclient-cardosogabriel.rhcloud.com/user-account.html
New user account page

- http://ejsclient-cardosogabriel.rhcloud.com/user-password.html
Edit password page

- http://ejsclient-cardosogabriel.rhcloud.com/user-authenticators.html
List of authenticators page. Click "Remove Google".

- http://ejsclient-cardosogabriel.rhcloud.com/user-totp-setup.html
Initial page for "Authenticators". This page is also displayed after deleting
the authenticator.


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