Not sure what you mean about fetching token id. Are you talking about the code -> token exchange?

We'd certainly need a lot more information to have any chance on reproducing this. How are you reproducing this? How many realms, client, users, etc.. do you have? What db do you have?

On 29 December 2015 at 10:13, Satyajit Das <> wrote:
Hi Team,

We are using login restful service of 1.4.0 final version.

Sometimes the login takes quite some time(around 15 secs) to fetch the token id given back by login service.

On subsequent call for login rest service takes very less time(75 milisecs)

This is a complete random behavior. 

Kindly let me know how to overcome this issue.
below is the snap of Token timeouts.

Inline image 1 


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