Hi Marek - My two cents on this:

1) Offline tokens can be long lived but must have a way of revoking them. If they are requested by users (see the openid connect spec below), the life should be of shorter duration (a week?) but if they are requested by clients then they can be of much longer duration (upto a year) but there should be a mechanism to refresh/revoke.



From: Marek Posolda <mposolda@redhat.com>
To: "keycloak-dev@lists.jboss.org" <keycloak-dev@lists.jboss.org>
Sent: Friday, August 21, 2015 7:30 AM
Subject: [keycloak-dev] Offline tokens

Some thoughts around offline tokens impl:

- Client has switch "Allow offline tokens" . Offline token can be
requested just if the switch is enabled

- Offline token can be requested if parameter "scope=offline" is sent.
Offline token is sent alone, no IDToken or refreshToken is sent together
with it.
Question: Should be offline tokens available just for
ResourceOwnerPasswordCredentials and ServiceAccounts or also for classic
web based authorization code flow?

- There are methods on UserModel to track which offline tokens were
issued for particular user. Like:

List<String> getOfflineTokens();
void addOfflineToken(String offlineToken);
void removeOfflineToken(String offlineToken);

- Offline token will never expire. Or should we eventually add another
timeout for offline token (With some big default value like 1 month or so)?

- Offline token is not refreshable.

- Offline token can be validated by current OIDC endpoint for token
validation. Offline token is not valid if UserModel doesn't have token
anymore on it. But offline token is still valid even if corresponding
UserSession doesn't exist. So we can still have offline tokens valid for
1 year even if SsoSessionMaxLifespan is just 10 hours.

- Offline token can be logged out. Logout will remove offline token from
corresponding UserModel.

- In Account management applications page can user see list of offline
tokens issued for individual clients and he can revoke them. Not sure if
put another "Revoke offline token" or use current "Revoke grant" action,
which will revoke both consents and offline tokens?

- Admin can see the offline tokens for user in admin console and can
revoke them too . Current button "Logout All" in sessions tab will
revoke offline tokens from all users . For performance reasons, we may
need method on UserProvider, so it's possible to clean whole DB table
"OFFLINE_TOKEN" (similarly for mongo) instead of iterating through all

- For adapters, we should likely have an option, so the REST endpoint
adapter has possibility to validate offline token by always sending
validation request to KC server. We didn't need it for access tokens,
which are valid just for 1 minute or so, but offline tokens are long
lived so adapter should have this possibility IMO.


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