as part of the UPS release we are improving our own 'user guide' for the UPS. Current status is visible here:

In this guide, there is a section that is called "Administration of the UnifiedPush Server", which should be explaining the Keycloak's Admin Console UI features (see [1]). The doc would contain a bunch of screenshots and little sentences to explain the reason of these different screens, similar to:

However, before starting too early on this document, I was wondering about a few things :-)

* there is no such 'Console UI guide' from the Keycloak team, atm - right ? If so, that's totally fine and I am happy to create one for UPS. Hopefully some of its conent can be reused by the KC team. Would be cool if we can work on improving that document together

* are you guys planning significant changes to the Admin Console UI, after the beta4 has been released? I've seen some PRs around "UI federation" (I am not familiar w/ the details around that), but that seems to be done once we have the beta4 release available.


[1] https://issues.jboss.org/browse/AGPUSH-877

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