There's a proper transaction manager running in WF, maybe we should drop our stuff and use that instead. We can manage the transactions by retrieving the transaction manager from JNDI.

On 8 August 2016 at 14:46, Bill Burke <> wrote:

On 8/8/16 8:31 AM, Marek Posolda wrote:
> The question is, if we can fix liquibase instead of require people to
> change DS? Maybe I can try to continue in your branch later this week
> and look at it?

It's not just liquibase.  J

> Another possibility: Don't bootstrap JTA automatically at
> KeycloakSessionFactory.create() but instead do it just in HTTP
> requests (in KeycloakSessionServletFilter ). Then liquibase bootstrap
> won't be an issue?

JPA Model will also barf with the same error if a JTA transaction is
started as we do local JPA transactions.  So we have to have the
datasource flag or change how we interact with EntityManagers.

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