On 10/31/2014 4:15 AM, Stian Thorgersen wrote:
Looks good to me. We should include this in Beta1.

A few comments/questions:

* Can we support enabling confidential transport-guarantee (auth-server/WEB-INF/web.xml) without cracking open the WAR? This seems to be the last requirement for an exploded WAR
Looking this over, it seems pretty important!  I think I'd like to go ahead and implement this option before we merge.  I should be able to do that and also finish the doc updates by the middle of next week.  Just go ahead and release the Beta if you want.  I can catch the next release train.

I plan to implement this as a boolean value on on the server called "https-required".   Is there a better name for it?
<subsystem xmlns="urn:jboss:domain:keycloak:1.0">
            <auth-server name="foo">

Should the default be false?  I realize that the default in the appliance dist is false, but should the default always be false?

If true, this will be automatically added to auth-server.war at deploy time: