This helps out with documenting domain mode to have an almost working example that I can walk through and explain.  The current distribution doesn't really help with that.  There's going to be more of this stuff.  This is why I wanted to start on documentation in January as I knew little usability things like this would pop up.  So, deal with it... 

Honestly, I should have just done this as I knew you were going to be a pain in the ass...

On 4/23/2016 1:31 AM, Stian Thorgersen wrote:

I vote against this. It's way to late to start making changes unless absolutely critical. At the moment we're just doing what WildFly/EAP does out of the box and I don't see any need for us to do different to them.

On 22 Apr 2016 20:43, "Bill Burke" <> wrote:
I'd like to make the following changes to domain.xml that we distribute
so that it runs as a cluster with a load balance out of the box on one

* remove the "default" profile.  Users should really only be using
domain mode with a cluster
* remove host.xml.  Its confusing to have both a host.xml and a
* host-master.xml will boot only 1 server ("server-one")
* host-slave.xml will boot only 1 server ("server-two")
* Pre-configure a undertow load balancer [1] to loadbalance between
server one and server two
* Point H2 to a shared directory under domain/servers

I've checked that this setup works on my laptop.  I hope to write a
Getting Started Guide around this too.


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