I am attempting to integrate Keycloak into an existing application to replace the homegrown user management system in place. We have a new project built from the ground up on Keycloak 1.0.4.Final which is exhibiting good performance. However this app that I am porting has a remoting component that connects to the server with bare username/password credentials over the EJB Remoting framework. I was hoping to use 1.1.0 (currently Beta2) which provides a DirectAccessGrantsLoginModule which does exactly what I want (turns username and password into a KeycloakPrincipal). However, the turn around time from Keycloak is on the order of several seconds.


I have used a bare REST client to execute the POSTs to both our 1.0.4 Keycloak and 1.1.0 Keycloak instances and have noted an order of magnitude difference in getting a response. Is this a known issue (I cannot find anything in the public bugs/tasks list)? Or is this due to the Beta status leaving additional performance affecting logging or instrumentation in place?