On 04/08/16 01:48, Bill Burke wrote:
I wrote an JPA example for the new User Storage Provider SPI [1].  It 
was very difficult to figure out how to wire in JPA.  I'm going to take 
a guess that very very few users have actually tried to implement a 
JPA-based User Federation Provider.  They would have run into a ton of 

* Putting just a jar within the "providers/" directory is unusable.  JPA 
classes and other dependencies will not be visible.

* So, you have to craft a *CORRECT* module.xml file and know exactly 
which dependencies to bring in. [2]

* javax.persistence.Persistence.createEntityManagerFactory() did not 
work, so I had to call Hibernate APIs directly.  Not only that, but 
non-simple Hibernate APIs. [3]

* When configuring JPA I also had to know what classloader to use so 
that persistence.xml was visible.
In some recent release, we added JpaEntityProvider SPI. This allows to register your own JPA entities with Keycloak own EntityManager . So in your provider, you don't need to care about the complex stuff like proprietary Hibernate API, classloader or transaction enlisting.

We have a docs [1] and example for that [2]

[1] https://keycloak.gitbooks.io/server-developer-guide/content/v/2.1/topics/extensions.html
[2] https://github.com/patriot1burke/keycloak/tree/master/examples/providers/domain-extension

That's much easier, isn't it? Just not sure if it helps with EJB...

* Had to use JpaKeycloakTransaction to enlist EntityManager with 
keycloak transactions.  This means using EJBs is out of the question.

This is unacceptable.  Keycloak is supposed to be simple and this is 
extremely difficult.  When Keycloak was an exploded WAR you could use 
every Java EE component type as you could just plop your extensions 
within META-INF/lib.  Classloading was simple as it was all the same 

Going forward we need to write an actual deployer for Keycloak 
extensions that allow you to define Keycloak providers within EE jars, 
ears, etc.  Writing an extension to Keycloak should be as easy as 
writing a Java EE application.  Extension developers should be able to 
leverage the entire JBoss/Wildfly platform. Minimally, we also need to 
begin and commit/rollback a UserTransaction within a Keycloak request 
flow so that transaction EE and Spring component layers can function.
+1 for deployer. Maybe we can try to prototype an example, which uses stuff like EJB and then see what exactly we need to add?

For UserTransaction, we can maybe have the KeycloakTransaction implementation, which will delegate to UserTransaction? Then people can optionally enlist it in their provider if they need it :

session.getTransactionManager().enlistAfterCompletion(new UserTransactionWrapper());

Then Keycloak will automatically take care of commit/rollback this transaction at end of request.

Finally, we should just remove the "providers/" directory as I don't 
think it is very usable for actual extension writing.  What I didn't try 
was adding all jars needed (Hibernate etc.) within the providers 
directory.  Would that have worked?
AFAIK yes, it should work if you copy all 3rd party dependencies to "providers" directory.

It seems that "providers" directory is useful just for some very easy stuff without much dependencies. Otherwise JBoss modules are a way to go. And if we later have some deployer, we won't need "providers" dir anymore?

So +1 for remove.





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