Seems there are 2 things here:

1) Username "hint" provided by KEYCLOAK_REMEMBERME cookie. IMO this cookie should be deleted only when:
- User explicitly clicked on logout and maually logout himself
- User click on "Login" button on login screen without the rememberme checkbox checked

IMO it shouldn't be deleted when SSO cookie is expired, which is current behaviour and should be changed IMO. In other words, I expect the scenario working like:
- User logged with "rememberMe" checkbox on
- User closed the browser
- After a month, user returned back to the application. His SSO session is expired, but KEYCLOAK_REMEMBERME cookie won't be deleted, so on login screen he will see the prefilled username and rememberMe checkbox switched to "on"

2) Persistent KEYCLOAK_IDENTITY cookie when rememberMe is switched to on. I can't see how it can work when session is expired as it relies on session in the cookie value. On the other hand, rememberMe shouldn't rely on "SSO Session idle timeout" IMO.  SSO IDle timeout is only 30 minutes by default. So current behaviour is, that when user closes his browser, he needs to open in again and being re-authenticated only when he do within 30 minutes, which is bit of pointless IMO.

I would suggest to change the behaviour like this:
- When userSession is marked as rememberMe, then cleaner thread will take into account just "SSO Max Lifespan" timeout, but not SSO Idle timeout
- During verification of SSO cookie re-authentication and when session is rememberMe, we will take into account just SSO Max Lifespan of session, but not SSO Idle timeout
Refreshing of tokens will still take SSO Idle timeout just like now.

If we not change the behaviour like this, we should at least update "RememberMe" docs and tooltip to make it more clear what the behaviour would be in various cases.

On 31/03/16 16:26, Libor Krzyzanek wrote:
I read docs today
 and my understanding is that user should keep logged in after either browser restart or session expiration.
My tests shows that after session expiration (set to 1 min) I have to log in again.


Libor Krzyžanek
Principal Software Engineer
Red Hat Developers | Engineering

On Mar 31, 2016, at 3:00 PM, Marek Posolda <> wrote:

Followup on the issue by Libor [1] . I can confirm to see the same
behaviour in the OOTB Keycloak, like Libor described in the JIRA. In
other words, when you refresh account page (
http://localhost:8080/auth/realms/myrealm/account ) but the UserSession
referenced from KEYCLOAK_IDENTITY cookie is expired, then all cookies
including KEYCLOAK_REMEMBERME are expired too.

IMO RememberMe cookie shouldn't be expired when session is expired.
We're using the rememberMe cookie as hint for username on the login
page. So even if user returns to page after a month, I am not seeing
anything bad that rememberMe cookie is still valid and user will see
"hint" with his username on login page and rememberMe checkbox checked
even if session was expired already for a long time. IMO the only
situation when we should expire KEYCLOAK_REMEMBERME cookie is, when user
unchecks the "Remember me" checkbox on login page.


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