Greetings of the day !!


I need an urgent help from your team.


I have an application deployed in wildfly server. The same has been secured with keycloak server(this runs of a different wildfly box).

The wildfly server has been configured with keycloak adapter.


When I invoke a page from the application deployed in wildfly server, the application , redirects to keycloak login page. After I click submit  entering user name and password, I get 403 forbidden error.


Is there a way to enable logs for keycloak adapter. I’m not getting any logs related to this error.


The issue is similar to the one addressed in http://lists.jboss.org/pipermail/keycloak-user/2015-February/001601.html



Please help me in resolving the same.


Below are the details of the server :

Wildfly 9.0.0CR2

Keycloak 1.6.0 Final



Jayapriya Atheesan