Hi Bruno,

Not exactly, ideally I'd like to send a username over to Keycloak and have it send the appropriate email to the user as the forgot your password page does. 

If that proves not to be possible then yes, a required action could be viable workaround.


2016-07-28 16:31 GMT+02:00 Bruno Oliveira <bruno@abstractj.org>:
Hi Tom,

I believe that what you're looking for is to setup a required action for
your user[1]. Where a required action, could be "UPDATE_PASSWORD", for

[1] - http://www.keycloak.org/docs/rest-api/index.html#_update_required_action

On 2016-07-28, Tom Pearson wrote:
> Hi,
> Is there a way in the Rest Api to initiate the forgot password flow passing
> over the username? Ideally the same thing the
> */auth/realms/{realm}/login-actions/reset-credentials...
> *form does.
> I know the */admin/realms/{realm}/users/{id}/reset-password *endpoint
> exists but I can't even use it as a workaround as passing temporary=true
> doesn't seem to force the user to reset their password on subsequent login.
> Would be great if something like
> */admin/realms/{realm}/users/{id}/forgot-password
> *were to exist.
> Best regards,
> Tom

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