Thank you! Everything seems to be working now.

On Wed, Jun 18, 2014 at 7:55 AM, Marek Posolda <> wrote:
This issue and also the second issue you reported yesterday are now fixed in Keycloak master and will be available in next Keycloak Beta-3 release, which will be available in few days (maybe even later today).


On 17.6.2014 20:52, Dean Peterson wrote:
I receive this error registering a new user in my application with entirely new/fresh ms-sql tables with jpa backed keycloak entities: Violation of UNIQUE KEY constraint 'UK_qyr7vp9oe4mrwm2jfmt5c5k7q'. Cannot insert duplicate key in object 'dbo.UserEntity'. The duplicate key value is (master, <NULL>)

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