I’m also interested in this.


My use-case is that I have different groups of users in my application who see different themes(ie: images, colors, etc) depending on department.


So in my app I check the which department the user belongs to and dynamically change things. The departments though are using the same *REALM* as far as the application security is concerned.


Things are a little chicken and egg though because the themes depend on the users. I actually can make the different departments use a different URL to login.


If my application used different realms I could set up individual themes for the realm but my grouping is more like a sub realm.


Just my vote.


Regards, Graeme Collis


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Hi, I was wondering if there is a plan to implement multiple login screens. We have the need for more than one type of login screen here, for different flows, and I imagine we're not the only ones who will be interested in such a feature.


Something that allows you to select between the screens you created for a given style, and have one by default maybe.


Any thoughts?



Rodrigo Sasaki