I am interested in using Keycloak to secure an existing application running on AWS Elasticbeanstalk on Tomcat 7. I plan to deploy the Keycloak Server on Wildfly on Openshift which seems to be well documented, but I am having a little more trouble finding information about setting things up on the Tomcat side.

I see a tomcat7 adapter on GitHub [1], but I don't see the corresponding binaries when I download the Keycloak distribution. I also don't see any information on how to install and configure the adapter and I am a total novice as far as servlet security is concerned.

Could someone point me to the quickest way to get up an running with this?  I presume it is not fully supported yet but I figure somebody most have tried it out by now and could help short circuit the process for me.

How different is it from the EAP configuration given that EAP uses tomcat as well? I figure that the adapter installation process differs since tomcat doesn't use subsytems or a standalone.xml file.

[1] https://github.com/keycloak/keycloak/tree/master/integration/tomcat7/adapter