I don't think it's doable. Kerberos is kind of desktop login and logout from the web application won't destroy the kerberos ticket - similarly like it can't logout your laptop/desktop session. So when you visit the secured application next time, you are automatically logged into Keycloak through SPNEGO due to the Kerberos ticket.

Hence you need to remove kerberos ticket manually (For example "kdestroy" works on Linux, but I guess you're using Windows + ActiveDirectory? ) and then you will be able to see keycloak login screen and login as different user.


On 22.7.2015 15:38, Michael Gerber wrote:
Hi all,

I use LDAP with Kerberos and would like to logout and login again with a different user (no kerberos login, just keycloak username and password dialog).
Is that possible? 


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