Saw your session at JavaZone, so thought we could give KC a try :-)

Our web application is split on two; frontend (HTML5/Javascript) and our backend (REST lv. 3 developed in Java, currently running inside Tomcat).

Our frontend is just a consumer of our backend API (just like any other client), and I've successfully configured KC to use openid-connect/public for our frontend with keycloak.js, and openid-connect/bearer-only for our backend (API) in our test environment (sending the Authorization header with Bearer and keycloak.token to backend when doing ajax requests). This work like expected. Even written our own federation doing password validation from our user database.

But, a lot of our customers have integrated their application to our backend API, doing REST calls for issuing invoices, etc...)

Most other services that provides you with an API offers tokens that can be used for identification and authentication. And as far as I can see, this is offline tokens in KC.

So we want to have our users log in to our service with their browser, go to our "API key page" and create a new token to be used by the integrations (moving away from Basic auth).

I've created an offline token by hitting a keycloak protected html file and requested a resource with parameter ?scope=offline_access. I do see KC gives me a value back:

But there is no way I can use this for anything (and in KC it seems to be bound to our frontend application).

Why can't I use the admin rest api to say something like: give me an offline token for this user for this app?


2015-10-30 15:06 GMT+01:00 Stian Thorgersen <>:

Nice to see fellow Norwegians are using Keycloak :)

For offline tokens the idea is that you'd have a frontend app (server or client, whichever floats your boat) that can bootstrap the offline token.

Not sure offline tokens is quite what you need though - can you elaborate a bit on your use case?

On 30 October 2015 at 13:51, Pål Orby <> wrote:
We have two clients registered in our realm; frontend and backend. Frontend is defined openid-connect/public (HTML/Javascript app) and backend is openid-connect/bearer-only.

How can we generate an offline token for a given user that can be used towards our backend (which is bearer only)?

We have a lot of customers that is integrated to our API (which is our backend client).

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