Thank you Rodrigo!! 
Can you please clarify the following?

1. Admin-client is that something released in beta4 release, is that right?
2. In order to use REST API in a out of box Keycloak service, don't you need Username, password and either public client id or combination of client id and secret.
3. Also for the 1st time login, you may need to change the admin password. can this be done through this Admin client
4. By default the Direct Grant access API is disabled for the "master" realm, can this also be modified through Admin client.

My use case is Keycloak will be part of our product and all the 1st time setting +configuration should be done during installation step without end user logging into keycloak admin console.

Currently I am inclined towards using a  JSON to import a new realm that our product can use which are pre-configured with appropriate values. Not sure if there is any other better way of dealing with it.


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I believe I can help you with this one. The Keycloak team can correct me if I say anything inaccurate.

There is an admin-client bundled with Keycloak that can be used to access the Keycloak REST API, it's basically a Java REST client for the REST API that they provide and is documented here:

Basically what you need is an OAuthClient or an Application, and a User and you can alter information like you requested.

On Thu, Aug 14, 2014 at 3:08 PM, Kamal Jagadevan <> wrote:

  Are there any alternative ways like command line or shortcuts to update the Realm settings or user settings in Keycloak.
Though it is possible to set it up through Admin console but trying to avoid the setup steps through UI.

Looks like during application bootstrap these are few settings like admin password to be reset & Direct Grant API access being disabled.
Is there any other better way to modify other than UI or directly updating them in database.

Please let us know. This is critical for our post install steps while integrating with Keycloak.


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