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To check that I understand this approach correctly, is the following a correct summary of how a federation provider works?

  1. existing user tries to login via Keycloak
  2. Keycloak checks if the user exists in the keycloak IDM. If user is not there then use federation provider
  3. the provider will get the user by email address or username, and return the User object.
  4. This user object can then be mapped and saved into keycloak. 
  5. Next time user tries to login user is retrieved from keycloak idm
Question - where is the federated provider deployed? Is it in our app, or installed into Keycloak? Or something else?


On Thu, Mar 19, 2015 at 8:03 PM, Marek Posolda <> wrote:

it will be best if you write custom FederationProvider and point it to your database. See and examples in appliance-dist (Subdirectory examples/providers)


On 19.3.2015 19:58, Anton Hughes wrote:


Im currently investigating using Keycloak as a solution to manage users, as well as authentication and authorization.

Currently, we have a jboss Errai application, and have a relational database of users and their encrypted password.

Is there any tutorials, or advice, on how we would migrate our users to the Keycloak IDM? 

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