Yes, we already did our own authentication flow here a couple of weeks ago, but I decided today to communicate this situation.

The question is that part of the documentation should be clarified, because at least I was confused after I saw the inconsistency 
when seeing the behaviour of the registration form: A malicious user will still be capable of guessing valid users, so it's something that should 
be warned to developers / admins.

(Sorry I activated the digest mode of the mailing list and I don't really know how to properly reply to a thread without receiving the original email)
Feel free to extend the plugin then. :)

On 6/15/16 4:49 PM, Tomás García wrote:
> Hi,
> In this url:
> , it says:
> "This form *WILL NOT* re-ask the user to enter in an email or username
> if the previous email or username did not exist. You need to prevent
> attackers from being able to guess valid users. So, if
> AuthenticationFlowContext.getUser() returns null, you should proceed
> with the flow to make it look like a valid user was selected."
> And I totally agree with that, but it doesn't apply to all cases
> unfortunately. If the admin enables "User registration", the user
> registration form will tell the a possible malicious guy if the email
> combinations she's trying already exists, invalidating what the above
> paragraph says. And I don't think there's a way to do the same as in the
> "forgot password" feature with the registration form, because after
> registration, there's an autologin.
> Actually it's confusing for users telling them an email was sent event
> if it's not... People sometimes can forget that they're not registered
> in the Keycloak system, so the "forgot password" feature as it is today
> will make them wait forever. At least, sending them an email telling
> them "You're not registered. You can register visiting this link." if
> "User registration" is enabled or "Ask your admin to register your email
> in the system" if it's not, would be definitely better.
> Thanks.
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