Assigning roles with the admin client is rather tricky.  I just finished migrating a test where I had to assign all kinds of roles.  I think you'll probably find what you are looking for:

On 5/23/2016 9:58 AM, Haim Vana wrote:



I am trying to create admin user for a specific realm programmatically, I am able to create the user, however I can't assign the realm client roles to it.


For example in the UI I would go to the user 'Role Mappings'  choose the realm client role and move the required roles from the Available section to the Assigned.


When I try to it programmatically I am getting 404, my code is below, note that I am getting 404 on the last line - adminUserClientRole.listAvailable())


createUserAndPsw(keyCloakClient, "master", user);
RealmResource realm = keyCloakClient.realm(
UserResource userResource = realm.users().get(user.getKeyCloakId());
RoleMappingResource roles = userResource.roles();
RoleScopeResource adminUserClientRole = roles.clientLevel(tenantId +




Any advice will be appreciated.





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