I have the need to define mappers programmatically instead of using fixed entries from user attributes.   For example, I might want the following entries in my JWT:

xxx: {d1:{[V1:123, V2:345, V3:567]},d2:{[V1:321, V2:xyz, V3:876]}}

So I might have the following values in my attributes for the user:
Xxx.d1.v1 123
Xxx.d1.v2 345
Xxx.d1.v3 567
Xxx.d2.v1 321
Xxx.d2.v2 xyz
Xxx.d2.v3 876

But I might also have xxx.d3, xxx.d4, ….

Is there a way to have Keycloak generate a JWT with all of the entries?   Can I write a plug in that does this?

Thank you,

Reed Lewis