We don't recommend deploying your applications alongside Keycloak for several reasons:

* Keycloak is not just for JEE applications
* Applications can interfere with Keycloak which would result in hard to debug issues
* Keycloak overlay only supports a specific version of WildFly. You may not always want to upgrade the WildFly used by your applications when upgrading Keycloak
* Keycloak requires specific configuration of the underlying WildFly instance. Any changes you do may break it and again cause hard to debug issues

In the supported version of Keycloak there is no overlay at all, only the standalone distribution. The overlay distribution is purely meant as a convenience thing for JEE developers.

On 23 June 2016 at 15:35, Ramon Rockx <ramon@humanswitch.io> wrote:

First of all, Keycloak team, congratulations with your new website. It's looking good!
When visiting the download page I saw the the text "Not recommended in production." which refers to the WildFly overlay. I was wondering why it is not recommended?

Ramon Rockx

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