I’m currently using the browser to initially log in to my app. After the user credentials have been validated I intercept the url containing the code and use that on the resource /realms/myrealm/tokens/access/codes. To convert the code into a token. I am then able to use the embedded access token for subsequent API calls. This works fine until the access token expires. 

When the access token expires the service returns a 401. At present the only way I can get past this is to redirect the user back to the login page and start the above process again (creates another session). I would only expect to have to do this if the SSO idle timeout and been reached (it hasn’t). I’ve looked through the API docs and found the resource /realms/myrealm/token/refresh. I’ve tried using this resource but have failed miserably. Could someone please explain  how to use this resource or point me somewhere else if I’ve got it completely wrong. 

Example code below. 

private JWSToken refreshToken(String accessToken, String refreshTokenthrows IOException, InvalidTokenException{

      JWSToken token = null;


      String url = "";

      //String query = “refresh_token=“ + refreshToken

      //String query = “refresh_token=“ + refreshToken + “client_id=" + CLIENT_ID";

      String query = "refresh_token=" + refreshToken + "client_id=" + CLIENT_ID + "grant_type=refresh_token";

      //Tried all the above

      HttpPost httppost = new HttpPost(url);

      httppost.addHeader(“Authorization“Bearer  + accessToken); //401 with 400 without



      ByteArrayEntity entity = new ByteArrayEntity(query.getBytes());


      HttpResponse response = httpclient.execute(httppost);

      int status = response.getStatusLine().getStatusCode();

      if (status == HttpStatus.SC_OK){

         InputStream stream = null;


            stream = response.getEntity().getContent();

            ObjectMapper mapper = new ObjectMapper();

            token = mapper.readValue(stream, JWSToken.class);


            if (stream != null){





         throw new InvalidTokenException();



      return token;


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