this looks like bad time set either on your centos machine or on windows OS machine with Keycloak. Can't it be that? I suggest to doublecheck the time settings on all your servers and sync it to be the correct and same on all your servers.


On 04/10/15 11:04, Satyajit Das wrote:
Hi Team,

1) I have the keycloak(1.4.0 final) set up in windows OS.

2) I have 2 services that i have secured using keycloak. The services are registered in keycloak and the respective keycloak.json is placed in resource folder.

3) When the services are are deployed in Ubuntu OS the authentication works as expected. by sharing the tokenid

but then the services are deployed in centos machine the authentication fails. 

The error is Invalid token: Token is inactive.

I tried the same setup and the same war files of services on different instances of centos , we are facing the same issue but the issue is not replicated on ubuntu different instances.

Please let me know your thoughts.


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