Are you benching this with the same user?  Or are there 10-20 different users executing at the same time?  I ask because if they are different you have to factor in database access.  I think the default connection pool size for the DB is 20 connections.

Other things that could factor in:  what are you password hashing iterations (its a password policy).  Default is 1, but I don't know if you've bumped that to the recommended amount (20,000) which would greatly slow things down too.

On 5/19/16 7:24 AM, Vaibhav Naldurgkar wrote:

Hi All,


I am using Keycloak 1.9.3 with default configuration. Keycloak server is installed on RHEL 6.5 virtual image with 4 CPU , 8 GB RAM and java version is jdk1.8.0_73 We are trying to use keycloak as a OAuth provider. But when we try and generate token(http:///auth/realms/master/protocol/openid-connect/token) for more than 10-20 users the server gets too slow and cpu usage goes over 100%.

Any pointers on how to improve performance of keycloak OAuth provider. We need to support at least 200 concurrent users.



Thanks, Vaibhav

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