When do you think the missiong documentaition for the deplyment of keycloak on a domain enviroment is released ?

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There is a subtle difference between a WildFly domain installation and a WildFly cluster installation.  A domain installation is clustered, but it is also possible to create a cluster without using a domain.  See the WildFly High Availability Guide:

In a domain environment, there is no deployment folder.  For Keycloak, version 1.1.0 has the auth server controlled by the Keycloak subsystem so it can be easily deployed and used in a domain.  However, the documentation for that is missing.  We are trying to fix the situation right now.

On 2/17/2015 2:41 AM, Christoph Machnik wrote:
Hallo all,

i try to install keycloak on a wildfly domain cluster. The Cluster uses the domain.xml as configuration with the full-ha profile and not the standalone.xml. Is there anithing special to look for and to do other than in the documentaiton ? I have deployed the things in the deployment folder and copy paste the configuration folder. But when i try to go to the keycloak administration console (http://[Server-IP]:8080/auth/admin/index.html) i got "404 - Not Found" as answer.
Is there anythig i have to do, after i have done the configuration of the used profile and the installation of the adapter, to run keycloak on a wildfly domain cluster ?


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