Another question regarding keycloak artifacts in maven, shouldn't "keycloak-wildfly-adapter-dist" also be available? At least this would make it much easier to create a maven configuration that bootstraps a Wildfly instance with the keycloak adapter. 

I've looked at the integration test suite and find the approach quite nice. However, in order to re-use it I would currently have to duplicate most of the code (KeycloakServer, AbstractKeycloakRule etc.) since it is in the test directory of the keycloak-testsuite-integration module. 

So I thought I'd do the following:

* create an integration-test module
* bootstrap Wildfly with the wildfly adapter installed with the maven-dependency-plugin and maven-resources-plugin (currently struggling with the missing artifacts in the repo here so I installed it locally for now...)
* deploy the auth-server.war/ keycloak-server.war and the archives I want to test in an arquillian test case (@Deploy...)

That's where I'm at right now. I guess the next step would be to get the KeycloakSessionFactory in order to add a test realm programmatically. 

However, I just realized that it might be better (and easier) to just bootstrap an embedded Keycloak instance (no server, just the core services) and use it to create a test realm and create tokens that can be used in the test cases. After all, I just need a way to generate bearer tokens to make HTTP requests to the wars I would like to test. Any thoughts on how I could best accomplish that?


On Wed, Apr 23, 2014 at 11:25 AM, Nils Preusker <> wrote:
Thanks Marek, I've created a JIRA issue about the missing war in the maven repo:

I'll have a look at the integration test suite and let you know what I came up with.


On Wed, Apr 23, 2014 at 9:25 AM, Marek Posolda <> wrote:
Hi Nils,

On 22.4.2014 12:55, Nils Preusker wrote:
Hi guys,

I'm just setting up an integration test project for our application and I'm wondering what's the best way to bootstrap keycloak within it. 

I'm using arquillian for testing and I'm using the maven-dependency-plugin and maven-resources-plugin to put together a wildfly instance with the keycloak-wildfly-adapter.

So far, that approach works nicely. However, I'm not quite sure yet how to go about 

* importing a realm and 
* creating a bearer/ access token to use in the test cases

One approach would be to deploy the auth-server.war (is there a mvn repository to pull it from?), POST the realm to the respective URL of the admin console and do the authentication the same way (POST http://localhost:8080/auth/rest/realms/TestRealm/tokens/grants/access).
Looks like it's not. The WAR is here just for Alpha1 but not for later releases, which looks like a bug IMO. Can you create JIRA for it? I think it won't be bad if release will include all the artifacts including docs and distribution stuff (like WAR and full Wildfly appliance)

Alternatively, I suppose I could deploy a small helper war or jar that accesses the core services of keycloak to import the realm and create test access tokens (some convenience method like "createLogin()" in a test utility that is deployed with shrink wrap maybe).

Which option do you recommend or is there a third one that I'm missing?
Maybe it will be interesting for you that we have integration testsuite . This testsuite is using embedded Undertow server and it programmatically deploys Keycloak server on it. You can take a look at KeycloakServer class and also at individual tests to see how it works. The point is that it's embedded, so test classes have access to KeycloakSessionFactory inside KeycloakSetup actions and so they can directly use the model API to setup needed things.

For example in LoginTest, you can see that there is some setup action, which creates new user with usage of Keycloak model API: and then there is selenium test, which verifies that this user is able to login:

Maybe you can reuse some parts of our testsuite and programmaticaly deploy Keycloak server in similar way like it's done here (not sure if it's possible with Arquillian+Shrinkwrap+Wildfly, but I assume that yes). If you still don't have access to Keycloak model API, you can maybe write some selenium utils, which will do needed setup in KC admin console UI...

Another alternative might be that you will use 2 servers in your testsuite. Your wildfly server with adapter installed will be on localhost:8080 (you have it already running) and KC server will be on localhost:8081 (You can directly reuse our testsuite for setup this).

Good luck and let me know if still having issues. Btw. we don't have any integration tests for admin console and real AS7 and Wildfly adapters AFAIK. So it would be nice if you can share your work once you have your testsuite up and running :-)



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