Hello everyone,

I haven't used Keycloak since version 1.0.2, which we have now in production. But now Keycloak has so many new features that we decided to migrate to the 1.3.1.Final

This is a very specific issue, maybe this has already been discussed before, and if it has I'd like to ask you to direct me to that thread.

Anyways, I want to deploy Keycloak from within IntelliJ IDEA, on version 1.0.2 all I had to do was add an artifact of keycloak-server on the deployment and it was done, but that no longer exists and I don't seem to find a replacement for it.

What I do now is add a step to execute a maven goal to package the war and I created an artifact based on that war to deploy it, it works fine but I believe there must be a simpler solution, and doing it like this I can't use JRebel to hot deploy my alterations as well.

Is there a way to do what I'm trying to do? I'll be happy to provide you more information if necessary.

Rodrigo Sasaki