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I am working in a Cloud based project where I encounter Scale-in/ Scale out of Tomcat instances.
We have Apache load balancer as well. The requirement is to dynamically add any new Tomcat instances during scale out to Load balancer and remove tomcat instances during scale-in, without restart of balancer.

I did initial analysis on this. I understand that with mod_jk or mod_proxy, we need to restart the balancer in the above cases. 

I came across  module mod_cluster which supports to dynamically add or remove tomcat instances from load balancer, without restart. Here the tomcat automatically registers with load balancer through separate channel. But I have process running which gets the status of tomcat whether it is successfully started or not. Is there a way to register the tomcat through my process with the balancer instead of tomcat itself registering with balancer?

Could someone please share me some links for doing the setup.

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