On Wed, Jun 1, 2016 at 1:08 PM, Weinan Li <weli@redhat.com> wrote:
By using undertow for one part of tests, we also gain benefit that we could keep improving our resteasy-undertow adapter.

Currently we have three main adapters:

- undertow adapter
- netty adapter
- sun jdk adapter

The undertow adapter is fully covered by JBoss community. Considering the current popularity of JBoss Swarm, I feel that these lightweight and modular solution will be more and more popular.

(Just some personal views)

Integration tests should be done by arquillian in general, if that means we can by changing the config test on other servers beyond WildFly (servlet) than that is best way to go.

Sun jdk adapter i think we should get rid off. As it servers no good purpose.

said all that, having some part of testsuite that is tested on plain undertow, sounds fine, but just keep in mind that some of this are integration tests others are functional tests.