On 11/08/17 15:48, Alessio Soldano wrote:
In theory, you have 2 ways for running tests in parallel on Maven. One is using -T command line option (that basically builds multiple modules at the same time), the other is configuring the surefire plugin for running multiple tests at the same time.
Unfortunately, both approaches won't work with RESTEasy, as the testsuite has been written in the past with the assumption of a single test is running at a time. So you'd basically get a lot of failures.

Yeah, I tried that and got issues about a socket already being in use :(

Allowing for a better use of CPU resources and hence speeding up the build is in my TODO list, but so far we've had to deal with more urgent tasks.

I know that feeling, I've often felt that way too. In Ceylon, back when our tests started taking more than one minute to run, we parallelised everything, fell down to about 20s at the time, on about 4 cores. It paid off monumentally, as we grew past thousands of tests that take about 20 minutes to run in sequence, and 2 minutes in parallel.

I know it's hard to justify spending a couple weeks fixing tests, and I'm not sure how you guys deal with that 10 minute test suite, but if you do run it every time you push (like we do in Ceylon) then those two weeks are going to pay off in a matter of days when you're suddenly not waiting for builds anymore and save on all the coffees you used to drink during those 10 minutes, all the way to saving you from the heart attacks those coffees will do to you. Paralellising tests saves lives, man ;)