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By using undertow for one part of tests, we also gain benefit that we could
keep improving our resteasy-undertow adapter.

Currently we have three main adapters:

- undertow adapter
- netty adapter
- sun jdk adapter

The undertow adapter is fully covered by JBoss community. Considering the
current popularity of JBoss Swarm, I feel that these lightweight and modular
solution will be more and more popular.

(Just some personal views)

Integration tests should be done by arquillian in general, if that means we
can by changing the config test on other servers beyond WildFly (servlet)
than that is best way to go.

Yes, that's basically what I have in mind. Arquillian, and by default
wildfly. Then you could configure the tests to run using different
containers (it would eventually be just a matter of defining a proper test

About a month ago Katerina sent a note about the qe-internal RESTEasy testsuite at https://gitlab.mw.lab.eng.bos.redhat.com/jbossqe-eap/eap7-resteasy-ts, and I keep failing to look at it, until today's tjws thread. Katerina and everyone else who worked on it: I'm apologize for taking so long. It looks like a wonderful piece of work, and we absolutely have to take advantage of it.

1. I don't see an obvious one-one relationship between the upstream TS and the qe TS. Katerina, you said

The testsuite contains all tests from resteasy upstream (applicable to
current version of Resteasy in EAP, running with arquillian on EAP where
applicable). The rest are the unit tests.

I'm not quite sure how to interpret that. Could you say more about which parts of the upstream TS are in the qe TS and which parts aren't?
2. If we copy the qe TS into a Resteasy module, can we just adapt those Resteasy tests missing from the qe TS and put the results in the new Resteasy module?

3. Technical question: I tried running the qe TS with -PexcludeFailing, but I get

[INFO] ------------------------------------------------------------------------
[INFO] Total time: 2.687 s
[INFO] Finished at: 2016-06-01T12:34:06-04:00
[INFO] Final Memory: 27M/277M
[INFO] ------------------------------------------------------------------------
[ERROR] Failed to execute goal org.apache.maven.plugins:maven-surefire-plugin:2.19:test (default-test) on project resteasy-build-tools: groups/excludedGroups require TestNG or JUnit48+ on project test classpath -> [Help 1]

What am I doing wrong?

Agree with this plan.

ARQ + Undertow know each other: http://arquillian.org/modules/undertow-embedded-container-adapter/

My first inclination, like Weinan's, was to think that running everything in Wildfly was pretty heavy, but if we just start Wildfly once, that's not so bad. After all, that's what the TCK does, as well as the new qe TS. One problem I still have is that, when I'm working on a problem, I MUCH prefer running tests in an embedded container like tjws or Undertow. I guess I could just write a standalone test and then turn it into an arquillian test when I'm done. But if Arquillian works with Undertow, which I didn't know, that might be the best of all worlds. I'm a little worried though about the time it takes Arquillian to create a WAR, which isn't insignificant ...



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