Hey all,

I'm currently working on Ozark, which is the reference implementation for JSR-371 (MVC 1.0). My current focus is to improve the integration between Ozark and RESTEasy.

The MVC specification has some special requirements regarding validation. Especially it requires that resource methods (called controller methods in MVC) get executed even if validation errors were detected according to the Bean Validation annotation places on resource properties and resource method parameters. This is required so that the controller can handle these errors, which most typically varies between pages.

To achieve this, Ozark currently implements a custom validation layer without relying on the native JAX-RS validation which (by design) aborts request processing as soon as validation errors are detected. This basically works fine, but it currently forces users to manually disable the native JAX-RS validation by annotating controllers with @ValidateOnExecution(NONE). Of course this isn't very user friendly, so I'm looking for ways to work around this.

So I'm looking for ways to disable the validation on a per request basis. It is important to do this only for individual requests because this behavior most only be applied if the request is processed by a MVC controller. Regular JAX-RS resources must not be affected by this.

Of course I would love to find a way to make this work with current RESTEasy versions. But I would also be happy to contribute code if you think that some kind of SPI makes sense.