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Hi guys,

After slogging through as many bug JIRAs as possible for 3.0.17.Final, I felt like I needed to do something different for a while, so I started looking at non-blocking IO for JAX-RS 2.1. One of the issues I ran into is the servlet version problem. Even though resteasy-jaxrs declares a dependency on servlet 3.1, its dependency on tjws brings in servlet 2.5, which gets in the way of using servlet 3.1. I've done some refactoring:

 1) moved everything related to tjws from resteasy-jaxrs to tjws

 2) moved all tests (except i18n tests) from resteasy-jaxrs to resteasy-jaxrs-testsuite (so resteasy-jaxrs doesn't depend on tjws)

 3) removed the dependency of resteasy-jaxrs on tjws

 4) created a dependency of tjws on resteasy-jaxrs

I thought I'd ask for comments before I create a pull request. Two points come to mind:

1) Originally, resteasy-jaxrs-testsuite was created to hold tests specifically related to JAX-RS 2.0 (hence the nextgen packages). The plan was to upgrade all of the old tests to use JAX-RS 2.0 stuff like the new client framework, but it never happened. This might be a good time to do that.

+1, we should try to get rid of all those warnings about old client stuff in the build. And given we're working on a new minor and that stuff was deprecated in 3.0.x, we could actually think about removing the old client framework.

Given that we have some large pieces pieces ready to deprecate (old client framework, TJWS, old validation (see my previous note on mailing list), maybe we should do a 3.0.18.Final release in which all this stuff is deprecated so that we can start 3.1.0.Final with a clean slate. Just a thought.

Yeah, that would be nice.We should then backport https://github.com/resteasy/Resteasy/pull/821/commits/db988a936fef4a7c602d5292a3e371eb8fe5dbf9 to the 3.0.x branch as well as the commit that will deprecate the old validation stuff. Perhaps the 3.0.18.Final release should also include few bug fixes, so we could wait some weeks and see if there's anything really relevant to be backported there (and better justify the release) ;-)

Don't forget that EAP 7.0.z will need RESTEasy 3.0.z releases and there are quite strict rules for CP stream to limit scope and prevent regressions. Things which should be fixed must be approved via CP triage and are usually proposed by GSS.

So 3.0.18.Final should be release for deprecation of stuff ++ bug fixes requested via EAP 7.0.z CP stream.

Ok, so we could wait a little to see if any EAP 7.0.z bugs show up. I think I have one to propose, in fact, but I have to look a little more closely.


2) I know we've talked about what to do with tjws, but I don't know if we reached a conclusion. This would be a good time to deprecate it, if we're going to do that.

+1, sure.

I'd be glad to review your PR on this. It should be the first step to revisiting the testsuite to default to using WFLY as container.

I created RESTEASY-1410 "Segregate TJWS from resteasy-jaxrs" and PR https://github.com/resteasy/Resteasy/pull/821. Since you agree that we should deprecate TJWS, I'll do one more commit in which all of the TJWS classes are @deprecated.

Cool thanks.
I'm testing the  PR on top of current HEAD and merging if everything is fine (and I think it is)


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