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On Mon, Feb 17, 2020 at 10:01 AM Stephane Epardaud <> wrote:


I was trying to test @XmlSeeAlso, which is intended to work as such:


public class SuperType {}

public class SubType extends SuperType {}


public class Controller {


 public SuperType get() {

  return new SubType();



So that the marshaller knows to serialise it as a SubType instead of the declared SuperType. But I can't get the JAXBXmlSeeAlsoProvider provider to be invoked, because in ServerResponseWriter we do this:

         Class type = jaxrsResponse.getEntityClass();
         Type generic = jaxrsResponse.getGenericType();

         MessageBodyWriter writer = providerFactory.getMessageBodyWriter(
               type, generic, annotations, mt);

And `type` is obtained by doing entity.getClass() (so it is SubType) while `generic` comes from the method declaration (it is SuperType). And
JAXBXmlSeeAlsoProvider.isReadWritable() uses the Class to ask if it has the @XmlSeeAlso annotation (it does not, because it's the SubType class).

All in all, it works, because we fall back to not needing @XmlSeeAlso since the class points to the subtype, but the generic type will point to the superclass and so they're really two different types.

Is this a bug?

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