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Yes, "A 304 response cannot contain a message-body", see https://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc7232#section-4.1

Sean, can you sent example of your end-point and client part? I tried to use this endpoint and client. It works as I expected. Any NPE is thrown:

public InputStream nothing() {
    if (true) {
        throw new WebApplicationException(304);
    return new ByteArrayInputStream("hello".getBytes());


Response response = client.target(generateURL("/nothing")).request().get();
int code = response.getStatus();
if (code == 200) {
    InputStream is = response.readEntity(InputStream.class);
    Assert.assertEquals("hello", TestUtil.readString(is));
if (code == 304) {
    try {
        Assert.fail("ProcessingException was not thrown");
    } catch (ProcessingException e) {
        // expected exception
But I found some performance issue with 304. If I use this end-point:
public Response nothing()
   return Response.status(304).entity("test").build();
In WildFly, body is erased in Undertow (AFAIK), but RESTEasy could do this too. Check for 304 can be implemented here: https://github.com/resteasy/Resteasy/blob/master/resteasy-jaxrs/src/main/java/org/jboss/resteasy/core/ServerResponseWriter.java#L50 Now, interceptors are applied to these kinds of responses. This is not necessary and it may not be optimal for performance. Alessio, Ron, WDYT? Marek -------- Forwarded Message --------
Subject: [Resteasy-developers] Proper handling of NotModified/304
Date: Fri, 10 Jun 2016 10:50:03 -0400
From: Sean Dawson <sean.dawson2014@gmail.com>
To: resteasy-devel. <resteasy-developers@lists.sourceforge.net>
I posted this on users but I'm thinking it's a RestEasy bug at this point.
The code seems to buffer the entity and then throw a processing exception if the status is bad.
In the case of 304, no body is provided (and this seems to be correct according to the standard).  I have found no way server side to return anything but null as the entity.  So attempting to buffer it on a 304 just seems plain incorrect (and results in an NPE).
Am I missing something?
Setting the custom header on the response does work - but I'm not sure that'll make it back to the client when it passes through servers that usually strip those out.